Q: When do you start selling and renting for next semester

A: We set official pricing and open about 4 days before the start of every semester. Since we get most of our rental books back the last day of school it takes us all of the break week to process books to have them available at that time.


Q: When do you buy books?

A: We buy books every day that we are open for business.


Q: How does your prices compare with the campus bookstore?

A: We guarantee to be 20-50% less than campus on all rentals.


Q: Can I reserve textbooks?

A: As soon as our online purchasing system is open you can buy and rent all books. This is essentially a reservation system.


Q: Do you pay more money than campus for books?

A: Always shop around. We often are able to beet campus but at buyback we cannot guarantee to beet all prices.


Q: Can you buy books that our campus bookstore won't buy?

A: Yes we are able to purchase a lot of books the bookstore won't buy. If the bookstore won't buy your book it is usually because it is old and outdated but typically we can still find some value.


Q: Can I sell my books to you through your website?

A: In order to buy books from students we need them to come in store. We scan the bar code and that is what tells us what we can pay.


Q: What happens if I forget to return the book?

A: When you rent the book, we put your information on file. That information will be used to charge you for the price of the book if it isn't returned. We send reminder emails prior to the due date.


Q: When can I come get my books?

A: We open for rentals about 4 days before classes start every semester.


Q: When do the books need to be returned?

A: By the last day of the current semester.


Q: What is the freedom of information act?

A: The freedom of information act requires college bookstores to publish textbook lists to anyone asking for the information. One exemption is private universities such as BYU-I. BookViking.com does not have access to an official book list and is dependant on word of mouth of fellow students. For faster service having ISBN, title, class schedule, author, and edition of textbook is required.


Q: What does BookViking.com do?

A: BookViking.com provides students with the opportunity to buy, sell, and rent their textbooks. In addition to renting we sell textbooks for online prices, and buy books for competitive prices. Online prices are considerably less than campus bookstore prices.