About Us

BookViking was started by a collection of BYU-I students. In 2007 as students we would buy our textbooks online and saved a ton of money. Some of these textbooks were purchased from online sources for as little as $5 each. And some of those books were being sold by the campus bookstore for well over $100. In the beginning we sold textbooks to other students for 1/2 price of the campus bookstore. Eventually the operation was too big to run out of an apartment and we found a commercial location.

Next we found many online book dealers that were willing to sell us textbooks for less than online prices. Also we started buying books from other students who allowed us to sell them to students for even less. Selling textbooks for 10-50% less than the campus bookstore price was nice but paying a fixed amount for a textbook and returning it at the end of the semester is an even better option.

Textbook renting is quick and easy. We sell textbooks for 10-50% off of regular prices and the rental price is typically half or less than our already low sell price. Textbook rental prices range from $10-70 per semester per book. On average you will pay 30% of the cost of a textbook if you rent for one semester. BookViking have been in business since 2007. It has been built from the ground up by fellow students committed to fighting the high cost of textbooks. Since we are students ourselves our goal is helping fellow students survive the high cost of books.